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The mission of the Annual Regional Undergraduate Student Research Conference (RUSRC) is to facilitate students’ understanding of our constantly changing world and improve their methods of communicating with each other and telling their stories—historical, social, political, environmental, economic, and spiritual—in a myriad of ways. RUSRC’s further aim is to support students’ growing awareness of the value of lifelong learning skill-sets that intersect bodies of knowledge—humanistic, technological, and scientific—that are essential toward empowering and validating the value of all human beings. RUSRC seeks to nurture and develop the skills that undergraduate students need for success in subsequent academic work and social endeavors.




RUSRC is dedicated to serving undergraduate students at least in the Mid-Atlantic region, as being one of the few innovative programs dedicated to fostering excellence in research at the undergraduate level. It is committed to affording undergraduate students an opportunity to showcase their research work, providing a friendly forum students to meet their peers from participating institutions and hopefully initiate profitable and meaningful contacts that can serve them well in their college careers and beyond. Through establishing meaningful network opportunities, students can envision the limitless possibilities in collaborative aspirations.