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                                                                                      March 23, 2019 
The Regional Undergraduate Student Research Conference consortium invites submissions of abstracts to its Ninth Annual interdisciplinary conference to be held on the Dover campus of Delaware State University. The focus of this year’s theme allows presenters to consider the values of academic diversity that contribute to dynamic learning environments in higher education. Inquisitive learning gives rise to questions that revolve around the interconnected narratives embedded in literature, history, philosophy, religion, music, art, biology, chemistry, physics and engineering, agriculture, medicine, popular culture, among others. The disciplines thrive because complementary conversations emerge from the meaningful research students love to explore and share at our conference.


Currently, we are witnessing and experiencing social forces that seem determined to force our retreat into parochial and silo thinking and behaving. Now more than ever, the academy of higher education needs learning environments that accommodate civility and civil discourse, which enhance our intellectual curiosities on the qualities of human being-ness.


This conference, thus, is especially interested in topics that address how diverse learning transforms into practices that undergird the positive and the excellent; that advance the ways in which society benefits from shared learning experiences; that highlight the enriching pathways that are fundamental to lifelong learning. The work of your own undergraduate research interests is especially valuable to your peers who, similarly to you, are curious to learn and know more about our rapidly and constant changing world.


All disciplines, ideas, and projects are welcome.


Possible topics include, but are not limited to: 

  •  The Role of the Humanities in STEM Disciplines

  •  The Use of Biometrics to Benefit Society

  •  Environmental Awareness for Life  

  •  Interfaith Points of Connection  

  •  Meeting the Challenges of Civil Discourse in Public Spaces  

  •  Mass Incarceration as No Longer Serving the Common Good    

  •  Transforming Approaches to Practices in Medicine and Mental Health    


And more… 
Students must complete the attached “Abstract Form” and send it to the RUSRC member(s) affiliated with your educational institution by Friday, December 21, 2018.